What others are saying

Manitoba Wildlife Federation

“As a result of the strategic planning sessions and board governance training we did with Frank Growth Solutions Inc., the Manitoba Wildlife Federation can now complete the transition from a management to governance style board and move forward with a clear strategic plan.”

Chris Heald
Executive Director, Manitoba Wildlife Federation


“We worked with Frank Growth Solutions Inc. on a large and multi-faceted Organizational Sustainability Project which involved board work, marketing strategy, and social enterprise development. Frank was very knowledgeable and met us where we are to help imagine and implement our goals. After working with Frank, I feel confident we have the tools to move forward with our lofty plans.”

Michelle Falk
Executive Director, Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties (MARL)

“Frank provided invaluable insight into the structure of our Board of Directors. Over the course of several meetings, Frank facilitated conversations between members and staff to find ways to better support the needs of our organization. Frank brought a positive and fresh perspective and his approach allowed for easy conversation. We were able to identify several tangible ways to improve our board governance and organization beyond what we would have come up with on our own.”

Amy Robertson
Chair, MARL Board of Directors, Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties


“The Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association (VISOA) went through a stringent vetting process to choose a facilitator to help the organization with renewing its Strategic Plan. Frank Growth Solutions Inc. came out on top. Frank Atnikov’s experience clearly showed as he successfully guided us through an efficient thought process that landed a workable plan. Frank’s understanding of people ensured that all contributors were heard. A very professional job, with a very satisfactory result.”

Wendy Wall
Chair, VISOA Board of Directors, Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association

Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre

“Our organization released a request for proposals for a business developer/consultant to explore our social enterprises for ability and capacity to achieve self-sufficiency and growth. From the onset Frank Growth Solutions Inc. coordinated a meeting to discuss the scope of work. Once the expectations were solidified, Frank drafted specific deliverables, including timelines for completion, as well as working relationship expectations and roles. Frank coordinated a team of experts to complete the tasks at hand. Due to COVID-19 restrictions communications have been conducted in virtual environments. Although not ideal, we have not found this approach to be cumbersome nor has progress been hindered. In fact, we have found communications to be engaging and thought provoking, generating information necessary and inclusive for a broader range of stakeholders. Frank is organized, results-oriented, and professional, making our business relationship effortless and satisfying.

Frank Growth Solutions has a wealth of skills and experience that can most certainly add to your business or organization.”

Shelly Craig
Executive Director, Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre

NorWest Community Health Centre

“It has been a pleasure working with Frank. Combining a host of information and analysis, he was able to create a concise, yet comprehensive, professional document that will guide our work moving forward. He demonstrated expertise as well as a real passion for the project throughout the entire process. A true pleasure to work with, we highly recommend Frank!”

Nancy Heinrichs and Laura Horodecki
NorWest Co-op Community Health

United Way Winnipeg

“Since September 2018, United Way Winnipeg has proudly partnered with Frank Atnikov of Frank Growth Solutions to run a series of workshops to help non-profits develop key strategic partnerships and enhance their communication based on organizational needs. Reviews from workshop participants have praisedFrank’s knowledge of and experience within the non-profit sector, his excellent facilitation skills, and his capacity to create a space for the group to share and learn from one another.”

Tamara Ingrilli
Senior Manager, Capacity Building / United Way Winnipeg

S.A.M. (Management) Inc.

“Frank met with our managers and the staff directly involved in the day to day work of the department. His detailed questions helped us delve into the major issues. We took the information from his report and restructured not only our Contracting Division but it also opened up the door to look at our corporation as a whole.”

Laurie Socha
S.A.M. (Management) Inc.