What others are saying

The Winnipeg Foundation

“I have had several opportunities to work with Frank and his team over the past few years. Most recently, we engaged Frank Growth Solutions to help us define the Endow Manitoba business model and to better communicate our core value proposition. Our board was very appreciative of the results, and I look forward to working with Frank again in the future. If I were to characterize Frank’s approach to his engagements in three words, I would say: kind, thoughtful, and insightful.”

Alan Goddard
Vice-President of Capacity Building and Programs, The Winnipeg Foundation

Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC

“Frank expertly provided support and guidance during our recent Strategic Planning project. Engaging in these professional services was a big step for our organization. Frank was with us every step of the way! With valuable insight and patient collaboration, he successfully helped us build a relevant three-year strategic plan. We are excited to move forward with our new resource and continue working with Frank Growth Solutions. We enthusiastically recommend them!”

Janette Galan
Executive Director, Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC

Fireweed Food Hub

“Working with Frank was a pleasure. What began as an eight-month long project, felt like mere weeks because of how effective Frank was. With his expertise, we were able to develop a strategic business plan that not only captured the spirit of our organization but involved everyone in all levels. Needless to say, working with Frank produced a more than satisfactory result due to his gift of collaboration, humor, and efficiency.”

Derek Bassey
Office and Finance Coordinator, Fireweed Food Hub

Lower Similkameen Community Service Society

Our group very much enjoyed working with Frank to develop our strategic plan. He helped us through the process with patience and good humor. We developed a plan that we believe in and that will help keep us on track for the next several years.

Linda Alton
Director, Lower Similkameen Community Service Society

Lower Similkameen Community Services Society – On the heels of a period of rapid growth, while operating through the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization and senior staff really needed to examine our internal and external strengths and opportunities, and challenges, and to identify some strategic goals that would guide the organizations work for the next 3-5 years. In my role as Executive Director it is very helpful to have great Board engagement in their governance role to guide my work. Frank did an amazing job of pulling together our volunteer Board and management team, facilitating conversation and thoughtful input from even the most reticent of speakers, and consolidating the diverse and sometimes competing priorities and values of our team, in order to distill clear strategic pillars and goals. Frank’s warm, friendly, calm, knowledgeable and practical approach won over our team within minutes of meeting, and the overall process was a pleasure to be a part of!

Sarah Martin
Executive Director, Lower Similkameen Community Services Society

Oaklands Community Association

“Frank was outstanding in his ability to organize, mediate and facilitate strategic planning workshops for our Board members and staff. We had been struggling on our own with updating our non-profit Community Association strategic plan. Frank’s insight and ability to moderate the group was exactly the perspective and fresh energy we needed to complete the project.”

Alex McCumber
Board Chair, Oaklands Community Association

“Frank was very flexible with accommodating the busy schedule of the Board members and the staff for our strategic planning workshops. For two half day sessions staff and Board worked collaboratively in planning the direction of OCA for the next 3 years. Frank kept the group on task and provided guidance if we got stuck. The workshops were interactive and creative which kept the group engaged. I would recommend Frank’s services to other businesses that could use guidance setting a clear path forward. 

Mira Laurence
Executive Director, Oaklands Community Association

Town of Churchill, Training to Employment

“Working with Frank has been great! His expertise helped us reviving a project idea and turning it into a business plan with realistic next steps. With Frank’s support, skills and knowledge we were able to turn a grand (but somewhat overwhelming) idea into realistic and attainable steps. Frank brought a diverse group of stakeholders together to identify the common goal and commit to collaboration.

Frank’s valuable insights on stakeholder engagement, strategic planning and processes were what was needed to move an idea forward and a few steps closer to realization. I have learned a lot from him and can highly recommend Frank.”

Claudia Grill
Project Manager, Town of Churchill

Princeton and District Community Service Society

From the Board

“Our Board of Directors recognized the need to engage in a professional Strategic Planning process for our Society. We initially chose Frank Growth Solutions because of the professional, thorough, timely and friendly response to our inquiry. The process was extensive and involved working with key Board members and staff to develop a meaningful process that included board, staff and stakeholder surveys, in-person meetings between Board and Staff, and ongoing collaborative work that resulted in an excellent Strategic Plan for our organization. Melanie and Frank have also kept in touch with us afterward to assist with the implementation phase of the plan. I would highly recommend Melanie Oliviero and Frank Atnikov of Frank Growth Solutions.

Suzanne Hoffman
Board Chair, Princeton and District Community Service Society

From Management

“In an effort to steer our organization toward a proactive approach rather than reactive, we sought the expertise of Frank Atnikov and his colleague Melanie Oliviero to assist us in developing a strategic plan that encompassed our organizations values and vision. We were thoroughly impressed with the entire strategic planning process from the development of surveys to the sit down sessions with directors and staff and finally seeing our strategic plan in print. Thank you Frank Growth Solutions! We look forward to putting our plan to action.

Becky Vermette
Executive Director, Princeton and District Community Service Society

Marine Education Research Society

“We really enjoyed working with Frank during our recent strategic planning retreat. He did a great job of preparing for the sessions and leading us through an ambitious agenda. We would absolutely work with Frank again and hope to do so for future planning sessions.”

Leah Thorpe
Board Chair, Marine Education Research Society

1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre Society

“Working with Frank brought ease to the entire strategic planning process from start to finish. Frank was highly skilled at facilitating a smooth collaborative weekend planning session with board and staff working effectively and efficiently together. The process was entirely relevant to our charities’ needs and supported us to stay focused on the pertinent issues at hand. We left with a plan that will serve us – actually serve us (not sit in a drawer) – for the next 3 years. I appreciated Frank’s follow up support and continued availability to be of guidance to our team.”

Sarah Downey
Executive Director, 1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre Society

“Frank helped our organization develop a strategic plan. Frank was able to create a welcoming and collaborative environment that encouraged participation from all in attendance. Frank allowed space for conversation while maintaining firm boundaries on consensus and time management. As a result, 1-Up now has an achievable 3-year strategic plan that will guide our organization into the future.”

Bradley Blois
Board Co-Chair, 1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre Society

The Mustard Seed

“Our work with Frank was very useful. In spite of us having to meet virtually, Frank was warm and had an ability to navigate our conversations with ease. He was clear and focused on helping us ramp up our social enterprise model. The result of our work together was a report outlining and detailing considerations as we move forward with our project. I would not hesitate to work with Frank again.”

Treska Watson
Director of Food Security, The Mustard Seed

FortWhyte Alive

From start to finish, our experience with Frank was incredibly positive. He provided gentle guidance throughout the process and when our staff team gathered as a group we found his facilitation skills to be excellent. He was able to effectively summarize the collective thoughts of numerous stakeholders and provide us with a finished product that we are very satisfied with. We hope to continue to work with him in the future.

Ian Barnett
Vice President, FortWhyte Alive

Sooke Transition House Society

Our two custom training sessions with Frank were first rate! He illuminated the path we were already on, meeting us with valuable knowledge and excellent resources that will continue to support us as we go forward. The sessions were packed with encouragement, information and ample opportunity for discussion. Frank is clear and kind. Both his expertise and his passion for this work shone through. Thank you Frank, for supporting our motivation to elevate the well being of our Board, and in turn, the Organization.

Jen Ferris
Co-Chair, Sooke Transition House Society

CPB Canada (Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada)

“My organization, the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada worked with Frank and his team on our Strategic Plan and some associated Governance Training. Overall, Frank was excellent and provided us with a thoughtful strategic planning process and walked the Board of Directors through some foundational governance training. A very positive experience and I would be happy to recommend Frank to organizations similar to us.”

Rick Johal
Chief Executive Officer, Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada

Manitoba Wildlife Federation

“As a result of the strategic planning sessions and board governance training we did with Frank Growth Solutions Inc., the Manitoba Wildlife Federation can now complete the transition from a management to governance style board and move forward with a clear strategic plan.”

Chris Heald
Executive Director, Manitoba Wildlife Federation


“We worked with Frank Growth Solutions Inc. on a large and multi-faceted Organizational Sustainability Project which involved board work, marketing strategy, and social enterprise development. Frank was very knowledgeable and met us where we are to help imagine and implement our goals. After working with Frank, I feel confident we have the tools to move forward with our lofty plans.”

Michelle Falk
Executive Director, Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties (MARL)

“Frank provided invaluable insight into the structure of our Board of Directors. Over the course of several meetings, Frank facilitated conversations between members and staff to find ways to better support the needs of our organization. Frank brought a positive and fresh perspective and his approach allowed for easy conversation. We were able to identify several tangible ways to improve our board governance and organization beyond what we would have come up with on our own.”

Amy Robertson
Chair, MARL Board of Directors, Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties


“The Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association (VISOA) went through a stringent vetting process to choose a facilitator to help the organization with renewing its Strategic Plan. Frank Growth Solutions Inc. came out on top. Frank Atnikov’s experience clearly showed as he successfully guided us through an efficient thought process that landed a workable plan. Frank’s understanding of people ensured that all contributors were heard. A very professional job, with a very satisfactory result.”

Wendy Wall
Chair, VISOA Board of Directors, Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association

Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre

“Our organization released a request for proposals for a business developer/consultant to explore our social enterprises for ability and capacity to achieve self-sufficiency and growth. From the onset Frank Growth Solutions Inc. coordinated a meeting to discuss the scope of work. Once the expectations were solidified, Frank drafted specific deliverables, including timelines for completion, as well as working relationship expectations and roles. Frank coordinated a team of experts to complete the tasks at hand. Due to COVID-19 restrictions communications have been conducted in virtual environments. Although not ideal, we have not found this approach to be cumbersome nor has progress been hindered. In fact, we have found communications to be engaging and thought provoking, generating information necessary and inclusive for a broader range of stakeholders. Frank is organized, results-oriented, and professional, making our business relationship effortless and satisfying.

Frank Growth Solutions has a wealth of skills and experience that can most certainly add to your business or organization.”

Shelly Craig
Executive Director, Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre

NorWest Community Health Centre

“It has been a pleasure working with Frank. Combining a host of information and analysis, he was able to create a concise, yet comprehensive, professional document that will guide our work moving forward. He demonstrated expertise as well as a real passion for the project throughout the entire process. A true pleasure to work with, we highly recommend Frank!”

Nancy Heinrichs and Laura Horodecki
NorWest Co-op Community Health

S.A.M. (Management) Inc.

“Frank met with our managers and the staff directly involved in the day to day work of the department. His detailed questions helped us delve into the major issues. We took the information from his report and restructured not only our Contracting Division but it also opened up the door to look at our corporation as a whole.”

Laurie Socha
S.A.M. (Management) Inc.