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Functional Strategic Planning

A well-crafted strategic plan is a map that helps you reach your destination without getting pulled off course. Functional strategic planning involves:

  • Assuring relevant stakeholders are consulted

  • Creating a consensual, collaborative and democratic process

  • Monitoring and evaluating the outcomes

Board Governance Support

Board governance goes well beyond ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’.  With a purpose-driven board, the organization can help change communities and have lasting impact. Your organization will:

  • Onboard new board members effectively

  • Improve communication and lines of authority

  • Create board member manuals

  • Clarify the board’s roles and responsibilities

Succession Planning

Change is a fact of life and planning for it will allow you to have a smoother transition — whether in board members, EDs, CEOs or staff. Succession planning will include:

  • Key position assessment 

  • Preparation and recruitment

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Transition and support

Social Enterprise Development

Blending financial goals with your social, cultural or environmental mission is an effective way to strengthen financial stability. An assessment of organizational readiness and a development process will result in:

  • Reduced programming costs

  • Additional revenue streams

  • Broader mission impact

Organizational / Operational Reviews

As organizations change and grow it’s sometimes hard to stop and take time to review. Engaging the necessary stakeholders and zooming in to find areas in need of attention will lead to:

  • Having the right people in the right positions

  • Creating a culture of engagement and ownership

  • Assuring an efficient and productive organization

Business Planning

Before taking on new projects or expanding existing ones it’s critical you have a roadmap to give you the best chance at success. Starting with a feasibility study you will create:

  • A workable business plan with a nonprofit spin (we’ll consider the bottom line while focusing on your impact)

  • Assessment of costs and desired outcomes

  • Refined and broadened opportunities

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is not just for the for-profit world. It’s the way you let your range of stakeholders know what you are all about — from the people you help to those who help you. A nonprofit-focused marketing strategy includes: 

  • Improved stakeholder communication

  • Increased funding opportunities

  • Broader client impact

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