This month’s blog comes to you from Michael Barkman, CEDNet Manitoba’s Network Manager. It complements an earlier submission from the Manitoba Nonprofit Housing Association about the value of networks and collaborations!

Here is what Michael has for us:

In March 2022, I was grateful to read Christina Maes Nino’s excellent piece in this blog about the value, importance, and work of Networks and Associations. There is so much value in being part of a network!

Across Canada, Community Economic Development (CED) organizations and practitioners, including community-based organizations, social enterprises, and cooperatives, have strengthened communities and have helped build stronger local economies that benefit everyone through the CED approach.

The work of CED is bringing us closer to a vision of sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities directing their own futures, and away from the current economy that concentrates capital and control, and leads to poverty, climate catastrophe, and widespread inequality. CED is a hopeful vision and practical action for the times we’re in.

CED prioritizes action and solutions rooted in local knowledge and led by community members. Collaboration is essential to CED and to move closer to this vision.

The Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) is a national membership organization with members focused on Community Economic Development (CED). The network is made up of communities, non-profit community-based organizations, ‘social economy enterprises’ such as social enterprises and co-operatives, funders, credit unions, social finance organizations, and more.

CCEDNet, as a Network led by members doing CED work, connects people and ideas for action to build local economies that strengthen communities and benefit everyone.

Together, we’re focused on an outcome that sees communities across Canada using CED approaches and strategies to strengthen sustainable, locally-controlled economies for all.

You can get involved in the Network!

  • CCEDNet gives you the opportunity to belong to a national movement and to shape policies that support your work for healthy, strong communities.
  • CCEDNet enables community leaders to make positive social, economic and environmental change at local, regional and national levels by providing a forum to discuss, identify, implement and support new approaches for inclusive communities.
  • CCEDNet helps organizations become more effective and sustainable by providing sector intelligence, professional development, knowledge of effective practices, peer input, resources, opportunity identification and advocacy on behalf of our members.

To get involved in the Network, learn more about the benefits of membership here!

If you’re in Manitoba…

CCEDNet’s Manitoba Regional Network takes action at the local and provincial levels. Our work in Manitoba supports local members and aims to build strength, knowledge, connection, and power in, and between, members and the broader community.

Join in:

  • Participate in CCEDNet’s capacity building and training work (including the annual Gathering of Community Builders – 2022 date TBA, and stay tuned for workshops!)
  • Make use of CCEDNet’s Spark service, a service that matches organizations working on critical issues in Winnipeg with people wanting to donate their professional skills for social good.
  • Participate in public policy advocacy working on ending poverty, building fair, local economies, tackling climate change, or creating more inclusive, sustainable communities. Find out about opportunities to participate in collective public policy advocacy with CCEDNet!
  • Find out more by subscribing to the newsletter (be sure to subscribe to Manitoba CED Bulletins!)

To find out more or for general inquiries, get in touch with Michael Barkman, Manitoba Network Manager at or 204-943-0547 x 203.

There you have it! Please get in touch with Michael to learn more about CCEDNet and how you can further support each other in our work.


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