About Frank

Frank got his start in his family’s business, working his way up to general manager of Rainsoft Regina Ltd. He also launched MassageWorks in Winnipeg, and after 10 successful years of operation, sold the company.

After that he turned his focus to social entrepreneurship, the not-for-profit and small business start-up world, helping many small and medium-sized organizations reach their goals of sustainability and growth. Frank has also designed and delivered diverse workshops, presentations and training programs on topics like business fundamentals, entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

As a consultant, trainer and coach, Frank will work with you to come up with customized solutions that work for you, your business or organization — whether it’s improving processes and systems to make your operation more efficient, or mapping out great customer experience; helping with your business plan or feasibility study; or understanding the story that the financial/management reports are telling you or creating solid marketing strategies to grow your customer base.

In addition, Frank Growth Solutions works closely with other local professional service providers to provide wrap-around solutions for all your business needs.

Frank is also a recognized coach / instructor with:

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