Growth. Made Simple.

Customized solutions for your business or organization

Frank Growth Solutions will collaborate with you to come up with a tailored action plan for your business or organization. That could include improving processes and systems to make your operation more efficient, or mapping out great customer experience; understanding the story that the financial/management reports are telling you or creating solid marketing strategies to grow your business.

Here’s how it works:

Small Business

When artist Yvette Hawkes wanted to grow her sole-proprietorship (her business), she didn’t want to get burdened with things like accounting details. Frank Growth Solutions helped Yvette protect her creative output by designing a reporting system that would give her the required costs and subsequent financial analysis that she wanted, without the level of input and tracking that she was anticipating.

As an artist, tracking the ‘cost of goods’ for each piece would have been a nightmare (estimating the amount of paint used, how much adhesive, how much time, etc.) and Frank wisely advised otherwise. With Frank’s guidance, I was able to develop my idea, complete my business plan and generate revenue.”

Yvette Hawkes,

“Frank has a genuine knack for listening and then helping people think about and discover their own ‘right’ answers. His teaching style was comfortable and concise. Frank’s experience as an entrepreneur and his easy going coaching style were extremely helpful to me as I transitioned from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world.”

Scott Donald, Scott Donald SALES Consulting

Non-Profit or Social Enterprise

When New Directions, a social service agency, embarked on creating a social enterprise, they turned to Frank. Frank collaborated with the organization to build a strong framework for the business from the ground up.

Genesis trains and supports young men, many who face seemingly insurmountable barriers – extreme poverty, gang and criminal involvement, low educational achievement, and limited life skills. Frank’s research, guidance and development of a strong business plan for Genesis has been an integral part of its success.

“His work with us was informed by his commitment to issues of community economic development and principles of sound business management. The outcome was a fledgling Social Enterprise whose success has compounded every year since its inception.”

Liz Wolff, MMFT, Program Manager, New Directions

“Frank facilitated a very important session with our Board of Directors at the Marquis Project, a small NGO based in Brandon, MB, to look at how to deal with a range of problems, from small budget to lack of community interest to an overworked and under-supported Board and staff. He was able to bring them from a feeling of frustration and despair to knowledge of steps to take and enthusiasm to take them.”

Zack Gross, Marquis Project