Solutions for change

Frank’s depth of skill and experience as a facilitator has made him a valuable asset to organizations facing strategic planning, taking on new projects, or working through big changes.

Here’s how it works:

Daniel McIntyre-St Matthews Community Association had been interested in incorporating social enterprise into some areas of their work for a long time, but needed some direction to assess their readiness to take this on. Frank facilitated a board and staff retreat to help the organization explore this potential  area of growth.

“We found Frank’s style comfortable and effective, and gained much insight into the workings of a social enterprise, as well as our capacity and comfort level for pursuing this idea.”

Kemlin Nembhard, Executive Director, Daniel McIntyre-St Matthews Community Association

The Hearthstone Community Group was founded by a group of parents determined to create opportunities for their adult children who were facing significant life challenges. Frank worked with the board and the general manager to clarify the expectations of the general operation and the planned social enterprise.  This resulted in a more confident board, with a clearly stated direction, and a GM that was provided with a clear path of direction and measurable outcomes that they had all reached collaboratively.  This made the monthly board meetings more focused and productive and eased decision making processes and tension that had in the past resulted from lack of stated direction.

“Frank was able to create a tone of inclusion and respect that allowed each participant to put in their best effort and ideas … he had the tools and resources to do the work and the know-how to use them so we had tangible results at the end of our session; plus a demonstrated commitment to follow up.”

Lori Zdebiak, GM, Hearthstone Community Group