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Frank Growth Solutions believes that the right business solution is a powerful tool to help people prosper and help solve social problems.

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Spring 2018: Innoweave Social Enterprise Webinars and Workshops

Are you interested in learning more about Social Enterprise? Do you want to explore how it could help you achieve your mission? Do you have an idea for a new social enterprise that you’d like to develop?

Introductory Webinar

If so, you may be interested in first viewing an Introduction to Innoweave Social Enterprise Webinar.

View the Introductory Webinar

Opportunity Identification Webinar

Once you have viewed the webinar and identified potential social enterprise ideas that you would like to explore, we invite you to attend a Social Enterprise Opportunity Identification Webinar with your team on April 11 at 12:00 pm ET.

Register for the Opportunity Identification Webinar

Hearthstone Community Group of Selkirk implements social enterprise…

Hearthstone Community Group of Selkirk implements social enterprise…

Since 2013, Innoweave has supported organizations’ design and implementation of new social enterprises to address gaps in their communities and enhance the impact they create. To date, Innoweave has supported the design and launch of more than 80 social enterprises that use innovative business models to create positive social impacts across Canada.

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Exciting Workshop for Non-Profit Organizations!!

Creating More and Better Opportunities for Your Clients

On Thursday September 28, 2017, Scott Donald and I had the honour of delivering a very unique training workshop for the not for profit sector called Creating More and Better Opportunities for Your Clients.

The goal of the workshop was to help Job Developers working in the supported employment field place more clients in more and better jobs. During the workshop we presented and worked together discussing best practices for better understanding the perspective of the employers they work with, and by doing so, creating more Win/Win scenarios.

Participants were encouraged to think about the employers perspective and we discussed topics that included researching, asking the right questions, getting to the right person, how to prioritize your activities and how (and why) to be a good listener.

The evaluations indicate that we have identified an area of need in the sector as participants provided high ratings:

When asked what they took away from the workshop, here what some attendees had to say: 

  • “I gained tips on how to build better working relationships with employers”
  • “It has given me a better insight to approaching employers and now I feel more confident (to go out more often)”
  • “It was a great way to look at things from a different angle. I felt my practices were getting old, so this was a great refresher”
  • “This workshop was very helpful and engaging, bringing up a lot of other ideas of topics. I feel many other people will benefit from taking future workshops”
  • “It gave me different ideas and perspectives to use in going forward in my job”

It was an lively and rewarding morning and participants left excited to implement what they learned. There was a great sense of collaboration and networking as many people connected with their peers in the industry. The realization that other people have similar challenges was very empowering and the ability to reach out to each other for support proved extremely valuable.

Based on the success of this initial workshop, we are looking to host it again in mid to late November for others wishing to attend.

As well, plans are underway to offer an intensive four-session version of this workshop. This will be held once every two weeks for a half day over eight weeks. Using this format, participants are able to look at various case studies for additional learnings and dive deeper into the tools that are available; then take away skills, use them, and bring back the challenges for discussion and troubleshooting; take them away again for practical application, bring back their experiences for unpacking, and learn more tools to take away again. In addition, we will look at systems and methods to use to stay on top of your prospects, stay top of mind and follow up without being intrusive.

Give us a call to learn more.


Three Great Opportunities – Workshops and Grants

1. Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise Workshop

Non-profits and social entrepreneurs are increasingly considering social enterprise – a blended value model where business methods are put to work achieving social impacts. Anyone curious about social enterprise will benefit from this half-day session. Non-profit organizations considering the model and economic or business developers wanting to expand their knowledge are particularly welcome.

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2. Calling Community Groups – ACU Sustainable Organization Grant

Does your non-profit organization or co-op work in the areas of community inclusion, environmental sustainability, or community enterprise development? Do you need help to make your organization more sustainable?

Read more here

3. Innoweave Impact Accelerator

Since its launch in 2012, Innoweave has leveraged social innovation tools to help hundreds of organizations advance their mission and generate greater impact. We have used that experience to develop the Innoweave Impact Accelerator, a mini-workshop that helps organizations and collectives to clarify the impact they are working to achieve.

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