As an artist, tracking the ‘cost of goods’ for each piece would have been a nightmare (estimating the amount of paint used, how much adhesive, how much time, etc.) and Frank wisely advised otherwise. With Frank’s guidance, I was able to develop my idea, complete my business plan and generate revenue.”

Yvette Hawkes,

“His work with us was informed by his commitment to issues of community economic development and principles of sound business management. The outcome was a fledgling Social Enterprise whose success has compounded every year since its inception.”

Liz Wolff, MMFT, Program Manager, New Directions

“Frank has a genuine knack for listening and then helping people think about and discover their own ‘right’ answers. His teaching style was comfortable and concise. Frank’s experience as an entrepreneur and his easy going coaching style were extremely helpful to me as I transitioned from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world.”

Scott Donald, Scott Donald SALES Consulting

Frank is wonderful to work with and helped us to move our social enterprise forward, in a very positive way.

Diane Truderung, L’Arche Winnipeg

“A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson”. This is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Frank. I was particularly impressed by Frank’s abilities to keep the class interested throughout the presentations and provide professional and knowledgeable information about types of organizations, business licensing and registration and other business start-up wisdom. And, of course, his sense of humor, patience and positive approach helped me through the difficult phase of establishing my business and making tough decisions to make it successful. Frank’s experience and his enthusiasm to make a real difference in your life, would be a true asset for your business.”

Tali Litvac-Kor,

“We found Frank’s style comfortable and effective, and gained much insight into the workings of a social enterprise, as well as our capacity and comfort level for pursuing this idea.”

Kemlin Nembhard, Executive Director, Daniel McIntyre-St Matthews Community Association

“Frank facilitated a very important session with our Board of Directors at the Marquis Project, a small NGO based in Brandon, MB, to look at how to deal with a range of problems, from small budget to lack of community interest to an overworked and under-supported Board and staff. He was able to bring them from a feeling of frustration and despair to knowledge of steps to take and enthusiasm to take them.”

Zack Gross, Marquis Project

“Both existing small businesses and those people who are considering starting their own business will surely benefit from this course. The course is fun, it will help them get started on the right foot and they’ll get practical information that they can put to work right away.”

Wanda Taylor, St. James-Assiniboia Continuing Education

“Frank was able to create a tone of inclusion and respect that allowed each participant to put in their best effort and ideas … he had the tools and resources to do the work and the know-how to use them so we had tangible results at the end of our session; plus a demonstrated commitment to follow up.”

Lori Zdebiak, GM, Hearthstone Community Group